Are You Getting in the Way of Your Success?

When we think of successful business people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and many others, we often believe that a level of success like they achieved is out of our reach. We assume they were lucky, had some amazing talent, started out with money, or some other mysterious help – all of which we lack. But none of that is true. What is true is that none of the successful business people got in the way of their own success. At least not ultimately. They may have at some point, but if they did they overcame it.

Let’s face it, life in business is tough enough. Don’t make it any harder on yourself. Many of us exhibit self-sabotaging behaviors for many reasons. Myself included. What are those self-sabotaging behaviors: procrastination, lack of focus, lack of attention, bad decision-making, etc. That’s just a few.

Think about the last time you really wanted something. You did everything in your power to attain it. If you wanted to take that dream vacation, you saved up for it. If you wanted to quit working for someone else and start your own business, you put a plan in place and made it happen. If you wanted to run a marathon, you started training for it. If you wanted to quit smoking, you stopped buying cigarettes. When we really, truly want something we make it happen. Nothing can stop us.

Does that mean if you aren’t reaching the level of success that you strive for, you don’t really want it? No. There are multiple reasons that you might be getting in your own way, and you may not even realize it. Here are a few reasons:

If you have other priorities that rank higher than your business success you will most likely inhibit the growth of your business. Perhaps you have a family that is very important to you or a loved one that needs special attention. You need to take care of them, so you need your business to reach a certain level of success and financial prosperity. But, do you want to get so successful that you can’t be there for them? Balancing your priorities can be tricky, but it is possible.

Oftentimes, we reach a attain a specific level of success and comfort, and then we stay there. Why? Most likely it’s fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of success. Fear is that “What if” voice in your head. What if I grow to quickly? What if I get in over my head? What if it takes too much of my time? There are millions of “what if” question that can cause fear. When all those questions are milling about in our minds, the easiest action is no action. Then we find ourselves stuck or limited. They key is to identify that our fear is holding us back and do something about it.

This is no light matter. Our self worth, the belief of what we deserve out of life, can be one of the most debilitating obstacles in the way of our success. Where does this come from? Why does it happen? Maybe you made a mistake or bad choice at some point in your life. Maybe you were bullied in school. Maybe you had a bad relationship. Maybe you come from a lineage of people who seem to consistently have bad luck. Whatever it was, somewhere along the line, you started to believe that you just aren’t worthy. If this belief plagues your mind, you will undoubtedly get in the way of your own success. You will not take the actions you need to take to ensure success or you will take actions that will sabotage your success. Either way, you are doomed to only a level of success that you believe you are worthy of and the only way to change it is to change what you believe about yourself.


If you fall in one of these categories or one of many others that may inhibit your success, the best thing that you can do is explore it. If you identified with any of these three issues or maybe discovered another one in yourself, you need to understand where that comes from in order to get rid of it. There are many things you can do to turn yourself around.

  • Find a mentor or advisor. Learn more about the people around you. You never know if someone you admire as a business leader overcame similar circumstances. Who better to advise you on how to overcome those obstacles than someone who has already done just that?
  • Find a confidant that you can speak to and explore your feelings. Sometimes when you start telling someone else what’s going on with you, you lead yourself down a path of discovery and enlightenment. The most important part of this is finding someone you can trust and who will keep your confidence. You’ll be amazed at what you can learn about yourself when you start actually saying things out loud to someone else. Even better is when they are a good sounding board that will repeat what you’re saying, so you can hear it from someone else’s point of view. This is a great way to gain perspective on things.
  • Read. It is surprising how many books on success are available. Do some research. Ask around. Search the web. There may be a book out there that tackles the very issue you are battling. If you don’t know where to start, ask a fellow business person or go to the local small business center or business-oriented organization. (Ask your chamber staff!)
  • Attend workshops, webinars, seminars, or classes. Check out sites like American Express Open Forum or Many small business sites and organizations offer free education and training for small business owners. There are also countless free seminars happening every day in the U.S. You are bound to find one or two that address your specific need. AND, one of the greatest benefits of live training events is the opportunity to meet other like-minded people. You may find your mentor or confidant at here.

This is not an all-encompassing list that can resolve all your obstacles, but it certainly is a starting point. Just remember that if it truly is YOU getting in the way of your success then YOU can change that. The most important thing is to take action and stop getting in your own way.

– Yvonne


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We’re More Than Networking

When people think “Chamber of Commerce” they typically think events and networking. Although we offer a variety of networking opportunities, we also offer a lot more.

Our Mission Statement says, “The Hesperia Chamber of Commerce builds a thriving business community through Education, Leadership, Promotion, and Networking.” Let’s break those down.

This covers a lot of ground. The Hesperia Chamber provides a variety of learning opportunities through workshops, seminars, and speakers to educate businesses on trends, marketing, social media, business plans, and more. There is also a lot of informal education that goes on through personal conversations and relationships made through the Chamber.

Also under the Education topic is workforce development. The Hesperia Chamber participates in local educational endeavors to impact and influence local students (the workforce of the future) as well as giving scholarships to local seniors through the Hesperia Chamber Foundation Annual Scholarship Program. Additionally, the Chamber bridges the educational community to the business community by sharing educational programs at Chamber events and meetings.

Leadership is another broad category. First and foremost, the Hesperia Chamber serves as the voice of business for the local business community. For example, several years ago the City of Hesperia was considering a ballot measure to add a $.005 sales tax increase for all businesses within city limits. The Chamber facilitated several meetings between business leaders and City leaders to discuss the matter. In the end, the voice of business was heard and the sales tax issue never went to ballot.

Leadership doesn’t only exist on the local level, it exists on the individual level. Often times businesses will contact the Chamber for information or regarding an issue they are having in their business. Sometimes it’s a zoning or permit issue. Sometimes it’s a code enforcement issue. Whatever the issue, the Hesperia Chamber is a resource for businesses to turn to for support when dealing with business challenges. We connect businesses with people who can help solve their problems.

Every member of the Hesperia Chamber has a listing in our directory as well as a profile page on our website. In the last 365 days, has generated over 2.5 million referrals to Hesperia Chamber members. That an average of over 4,000 per member each year!

The website is a great source of referrals for members, but promotion doesn’t stop there. The Hesperia Chamber has a “Member News” section on the website where members can post their news. We also have a very active Facebook page at where we engage and promote members.

At the Chamber Office on Main St, we distribute Maps, Business Directories, Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, and other member information. We are currently working on our first Dining Guide to distribute at local hotels and attractions. There are also other very affordable means of promotion such as event sponsorships or advertising opportunities.

This is a no-brainer. Our flagship networking program is the ONLY WEEKLY Networking event in the High Desert where businesses have an opportunity to speak about their business, the Friday Morning Coffee. The “Coffee” features a member-speaker each week as well as an opportunity for everyone in attendance to introduce themselves. The favorite part of “Coffee” is the Thank You Minute, where attendees can give thanks to businesses who have gone above and beyond or just helped out in some special way.

The Hesperia Chamber also hosts the annual Mega Mixer event that is part business expo, part mixer, part seminar. Every holiday season, we host the Annual Holiday Mixer, which is a favorite event of many members because it’s a time to come together at the end of the year and celebrate our victories together. It’s also an evening filled with great food, music, and a lot of prizes.

Throughout the year, Hesperia Chamber members host mixers at their businesses to invite others in to see their operations and facilities and share more about what they do. (That also fits under the Promotion category.)

This is just a brief sampling of what the Chamber does, but more than all of the aforementioned programs and services, the Hesperia Chamber connects businesses to the community. Our goal is to build a better Hesperia for everyone and to promote all the charm and advantages Hesperia has to offer whether you live, work, play, or visit here.

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Hesperia Chamber/Small Business Saturday® Gives Small Businesses Big Boost to Kick-Off Holiday Season

Hesperia Chamber ws a Community Partner in Small Business Saturday promoting shopping at small businesses on the day after Black Friday. Learn more about Small Business Saturday and the impact it has on small business in the article below.

According to NFIB and American Express Research, Consumers Aware of Small Business Saturday Reported Spending $5.7 billion at Small Businesses on Nov 30 as the Holiday Shopping Season Officially Begins.

In spite of a shorter shopping season and challenging economic environment, Small Business Saturday helped jump start the holiday shopping season for small businesses across the country.

According to the second installment of the 2013 Small Business Saturday Consumer Insights Survey, released today by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and American Express, consumer awareness of Small Business Saturday across the U.S. jumped to 71 percent from 67 percent during the same period a year ago.  Of those aware, 46% said they shopped on Small Business Saturday.

With awareness up, the end result was increased spending at small businesses. This year, consumers who were aware of Small Business Saturday reported spending $5.7 billion with independent merchants on the day, an increase of 3.6% from a strong $5.5 billion in 2012.

“In an uncertain economy, America’s small businesses have remained a beacon — creating good jobs and supporting the families they employ and the communities around them,” said NFIB CEO Dan Danner. “We are very pleased that so many Americans sought to give back by shopping small this Small Business Saturday. We hope that support of small firms, retailers, restaurants and other independent businesses continues throughout the holiday season and all year round. Continued support of this vital sector is one important way to ensure our economy fully recovers and a healthy private sector is restored.”

“In just four years, the nation has adopted Small Business Saturday and made it part of the holiday shopping tradition,” said Susan Sobbott, president of American Express OPEN. “On November 30, we saw a continuation of this growing trend as communities around the country came together to celebrate local businesses and helped drive consumers to Shop Small on the day.”

From Washington D.C. to Washington State, Support Comes From Across the U.S.
Elected officials in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. – including President Obama and many senior government officials – championed Small Business Saturday.

294 city proclamations in support of Small Business Saturday were issued by mayors and other elected officials in all 50 states and Washington D.C.

governors issued state proclamations in support of Small Business Saturday.

43 U.S. Senators endorsed a resolution recognizing November 30, 2013 as Small Business Saturday and supporting efforts to encourage consumers to shop locally and increase awareness of the value of locally owned small businesses and the impact of locally owned small businesses on the economy of the United States.

Communities and Supporters Make Small Business Saturday Even Bigger

  • More than 1,400 Neighborhood Champions rallied local businesses and created events and activities to drive shopping around the country.
  • Premier partners, FedEx, Foursquare, Twitter and the United States Postal Service, banded together with American Express to promote shopping at small businesses for Small Business Saturday.
  • In addition, 166 companies signed up to support the day.
  • Nearly 370 advocacy organizations signed up to support the nationwide initiative.
  • More than 346,000 free online tools and materials were accessed by small business owners to help get the word out about Small Business Saturday.
  • In November alone, more than 352,000 tweets were sent in support of Small Business Saturday, many using the hashtags #SmallBizSat and #ShopSmall, a 65% increase from the previous year; those Tweets ranged from consumers spreading the word about the national initiative to business owners promoting offers that they created specifically for the day.
  • To date, more than 3.3 million Facebook users have “liked” the official Small Business Saturday Facebook page.

About the Survey

The Small Business Saturday Consumer Insights Survey was conducted among a nationally representative sample of 1000 males and females 18 years of age or older.  The sample was collected using an email invitation and an online survey. The study was conducted anonymously by Redshift Research between November 30th and December 1st, 2013. The survey has a margin of error of +/- 5.47%, at the 95% level of confidence.

About Small Business Saturday

November 30 marked the fourth annual Small Business Saturday, a day to support the local businesses that create jobs, boost the economy and preserve neighborhoods around the country. Small Business Saturday was created in 2010 in response to small business owners’ most pressing need: more customers. Since its inception, Small Business Saturday has been become a global phenomenon, spreading to the UK, Australia, Israel, Canada, South Africa and Asia.

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I was Principal for a Day

Today I spent the morning at Joshua Circle Elementary School, part of the Hesperia Unified School District. I was invited by the principal Scott Sheffield to be the principal for the day. The program is conducted annually by HUSD to invite community members into the schools to learn more about the District and individual schools.

I was honored to have been asked and jumped at the opportunity to participate. Education is one of four core components of the Hesperia Chamber mission statement, so I saw this as an opportunity to gain insight into public education in Hesperia and develop new relationships with the local schools.

When I arrived on campus I had no idea what I was getting myself into for the day, but I knew it was only for a day and that I could survive that long at the very least. I was fortunate to have today on campus because there was a special presentation for veterans happening. Hundreds of children were seated outside in the “circle” waiting for the local veterans to arrive.

Patiently waiting for the festivities to begin.

Patiently waiting for the festivities to begin.

The first thing that caught my eye was how well-behaved all the children were while patiently waiting. It has been my experience in the past that elementary age kids are full of unbridled energy and find it challenging to sit still. Yet hundreds of them sat there as Principal Sheffield introduced me.

I can’t deny feeling a little warmth and pride when all those children greeting me with a “Good Morning!”

With my grand introduction out of the way I relaxed a little, and we began a tour of the campus. I grew up back east and because of the severe weather our schools were mostly single structures with multiple floors, so it is interesting to visit California campuses that are multiple structures with outdoor areas. Joshua Circle is one of the oldest facilities in the District, so there is a lot of history and dated buildings on campus.

Principal Sheffield has been there for just a few years, and his passion and energy to make the campus a great learning environment for the students is undeniable. Despite apparent challenges and limitations, his attitude remained positive throughout the visit. He refuses to allow those challenges to hold the school back. He strives to create a school that is the parents’ and students’ first choice school.

As we toured the campus teachers, staff, and students commented on the many improvements at the campus since his arrival. The library is one such improvement. A small building that has been completely transformed into an inviting reading center complete with technology that allows students to check out their own books.

The technology doesn’t stop there. Much of the conversation focused on the educational use of technology in the classrooms. Several students demonstrated their use of nook tablets in the classroom and explained how their textbooks are all electronic. It was evident that the use of technology has improved student engagement in their education. I was impressed to say the least. (And if you know me you know I am a tech geek, so that aspect was super interesting to me.)

Overall, my day as principal was educational and enlightening. I learned a lot more about the school district than I imagined I would and was incredibly impressed with the passion and dedication of the teachers, staff, and leadership at the school. My experience made me realize that HUSD isn’t just another school district, rather it is a district filled with passionate educators and leadership who are dedicated to the students and to each other as well. Their camaraderie creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. I am grateful for the opportunity to get an insider’s view of Joshua Circle and the great things happening there.

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5 Problem Workers Who Can Destroy Office Morale | OPEN Forum

If you’ve got “Negative Nellies” or “Incompetent Sweethearts” working for you, your business could be in trouble. Learn how to deal with insidious workplace behavior. 

The Incompetent Sweetheart is the nicest person you’ll ever meet. The only problem is, he’s just not that good at his job.

Are problem employees hampering your small business’s growth? Some problems can be easily spotted during a job interview, so you can avoid hiring the person in the first place. Others (like stealing) are so egregious, you can quickly fire the employee, thus eliminating the problem—and the person. But the behavior of most problem employees is more insidious—with the problematic conduct becoming apparent only after the employee has been with you for a while.

Many small-business owners dislike conflict, so they settle for living with problem employees and working around their bad behaviors. But one bad apple does spoil the whole bunch. And if you’re seen as ignoring problem workers, others will begin to behave badly as well.

So how do you stop problem behaviors before they stop your business? Here are five of the most common problem employees and how to handle them. (Note: Problem employees come in both genders, but I use “he” or “she” below to avoid awkward phrasing.)

Read on….5 Problem Workers Who Can Destroy Office Morale | OPEN Forum.

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Let Us Help Your Business

We at the Hesperia Chamber want to help you promote your business.

Did you know that we give out information packets to new residents of Hesperia? If you have information that would benefit news residents, you can bring your marketing materials to the Chamber Office to be included in our Welcome Packets.

Each new Chamber member also receives a Chamber Welcome Packet. That’s a perfect opportunity for us to promote your B2B products and services!

Remember we are here for YOU. If you have questions or ideas or if you just want to know if the Chamber can help you, give us a call or an email. We’ll be glad to answer your questions, meet with you, and help you in any way we can.

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Marketing’s Mind-Numbing New Era – B2B Online Marketing Blog

“Welcome to marketing’s new era where technology has ushered in extraordinary new capabilities and mind-numbing complexity.” – Tony Uphoff

Digital technology has unleashed performance-marketing opportunities providing data, analytics and ROI metrics that have many marketers jumping for joy. However, it also has them running for cover. Marketing is more complex than ever. In fact, a recent BtoB study found that only 36% of marketers feel their current marketing programs effectively address all stakeholders and 40% feel targeting and segmentation tools are effective in helping them reach their target audience.

Read More –> Marketing’s Mind-Numbing New Era – B2B Online Marketing Blog.

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