Hesperia Chamber of Commerce has a long, successful history of working with the local business community and the city to help develop ongoing programs to support business growth.

In the past few years, the Hesperia Chamber has worked to add programs and services to help local businesses.  The Chamber has also become a voice for local business and has fought for business-friendly legislation at all levels of government.

The Chamber focuses on 4 key areas to achieve our mission.  They are: Business Advocacy, Supporting a Strong Local Economy, Providing Networking Opportunities, and Promoting the Community.

The Chamber accomplishes those directives in many ways.  Business Advocacy is straightforward.  The Chamber fights for your business while you are running it.  Chamber representatives interact with state and local governing agencies to encourage them to support businesses through less red tape, less taxes, and less regulations.  We also fight for businesses when they are challenged.  If your business is having a problem, let us know about it, and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Although the global economy affects our businesses, the Chamber continues to support a strong local economy by providing businesses with resources and education they need to survive difficult times and prosper in good times.  The Chamber also promotes member businesses on www.hesperiacc.com, which generated over 760,000 referrals to members in FY 09-10.  That is over 2,000 referrals a day to our members.  These are just two of the ways we are working hard to support our local economy.

Every business owner knows that people like to do business with people they trust.  In providing the best networking in the High Desert, the Hesperia Chamber helps member businesses build their network and reputation quickly and easily.  Each week dozens of business owners gather at the Friday Morning Coffee to share their successes and get advice on their challenges.  They also have an opportunity to introduce themselves to everyone in attendance and, once a year, members can give a 20 minute presentation on their business expertise.  “Coffee” is just one of the many networking opportunities offered by the Chamber.

Where would we be without our community?  A great community can make for great business.  The Chamber Promotes the Community by working with local agencies to ensure that Hesperia is a great place to live, work, learn, stay, and play.  The Chamber sponsors various events throughout the year that celebrate the community.  We also provide information about Hesperia and encourage travelers to stop by and enjoy our charming city.

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