We’re More Than Networking

When people think “Chamber of Commerce” they typically think events and networking. Although we offer a variety of networking opportunities, we also offer a lot more.

Our Mission Statement says, “The Hesperia Chamber of Commerce builds a thriving business community through Education, Leadership, Promotion, and Networking.” Let’s break those down.

This covers a lot of ground. The Hesperia Chamber provides a variety of learning opportunities through workshops, seminars, and speakers to educate businesses on trends, marketing, social media, business plans, and more. There is also a lot of informal education that goes on through personal conversations and relationships made through the Chamber.

Also under the Education topic is workforce development. The Hesperia Chamber participates in local educational endeavors to impact and influence local students (the workforce of the future) as well as giving scholarships to local seniors through the Hesperia Chamber Foundation Annual Scholarship Program. Additionally, the Chamber bridges the educational community to the business community by sharing educational programs at Chamber events and meetings.

Leadership is another broad category. First and foremost, the Hesperia Chamber serves as the voice of business for the local business community. For example, several years ago the City of Hesperia was considering a ballot measure to add a $.005 sales tax increase for all businesses within city limits. The Chamber facilitated several meetings between business leaders and City leaders to discuss the matter. In the end, the voice of business was heard and the sales tax issue never went to ballot.

Leadership doesn’t only exist on the local level, it exists on the individual level. Often times businesses will contact the Chamber for information or regarding an issue they are having in their business. Sometimes it’s a zoning or permit issue. Sometimes it’s a code enforcement issue. Whatever the issue, the Hesperia Chamber is a resource for businesses to turn to for support when dealing with business challenges. We connect businesses with people who can help solve their problems.

Every member of the Hesperia Chamber has a listing in our directory as well as a profile page on our website. In the last 365 days, http://www.hesperiacc.com has generated over 2.5 million referrals to Hesperia Chamber members. That an average of over 4,000 per member each year!

The website is a great source of referrals for members, but promotion doesn’t stop there. The Hesperia Chamber has a “Member News” section on the website where members can post their news. We also have a very active Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/hesperiacc where we engage and promote members.

At the Chamber Office on Main St, we distribute Maps, Business Directories, Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, and other member information. We are currently working on our first Dining Guide to distribute at local hotels and attractions. There are also other very affordable means of promotion such as event sponsorships or advertising opportunities.

This is a no-brainer. Our flagship networking program is the ONLY WEEKLY Networking event in the High Desert where businesses have an opportunity to speak about their business, the Friday Morning Coffee. The “Coffee” features a member-speaker each week as well as an opportunity for everyone in attendance to introduce themselves. The favorite part of “Coffee” is the Thank You Minute, where attendees can give thanks to businesses who have gone above and beyond or just helped out in some special way.

The Hesperia Chamber also hosts the annual Mega Mixer event that is part business expo, part mixer, part seminar. Every holiday season, we host the Annual Holiday Mixer, which is a favorite event of many members because it’s a time to come together at the end of the year and celebrate our victories together. It’s also an evening filled with great food, music, and a lot of prizes.

Throughout the year, Hesperia Chamber members host mixers at their businesses to invite others in to see their operations and facilities and share more about what they do. (That also fits under the Promotion category.)

This is just a brief sampling of what the Chamber does, but more than all of the aforementioned programs and services, the Hesperia Chamber connects businesses to the community. Our goal is to build a better Hesperia for everyone and to promote all the charm and advantages Hesperia has to offer whether you live, work, play, or visit here.

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