5 Problem Workers Who Can Destroy Office Morale | OPEN Forum

If you’ve got “Negative Nellies” or “Incompetent Sweethearts” working for you, your business could be in trouble. Learn how to deal with insidious workplace behavior. 

The Incompetent Sweetheart is the nicest person you’ll ever meet. The only problem is, he’s just not that good at his job.

Are problem employees hampering your small business’s growth? Some problems can be easily spotted during a job interview, so you can avoid hiring the person in the first place. Others (like stealing) are so egregious, you can quickly fire the employee, thus eliminating the problem—and the person. But the behavior of most problem employees is more insidious—with the problematic conduct becoming apparent only after the employee has been with you for a while.

Many small-business owners dislike conflict, so they settle for living with problem employees and working around their bad behaviors. But one bad apple does spoil the whole bunch. And if you’re seen as ignoring problem workers, others will begin to behave badly as well.

So how do you stop problem behaviors before they stop your business? Here are five of the most common problem employees and how to handle them. (Note: Problem employees come in both genders, but I use “he” or “she” below to avoid awkward phrasing.)

Read on….5 Problem Workers Who Can Destroy Office Morale | OPEN Forum.

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