October 1 Still Date to Provide Affordable Care Act-Required Notices

October 1 Still Date to Provide
Affordable Care Act-Required Notices

Although the employer mandate provision has been delayed, October 1, 2013 is still the deadline for notices required by the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Before October 1, employers are required to provide current employees with notices regarding new health insurance marketplace coverage options—in California, that’s Covered California.

The notices inform the employee of the existence of the marketplace, a description of services, how to contact the marketplace and other required information.

Also starting October 1, employers must provide the notices to each new hire within 14 days of the employee beginning work.

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has created two model notices—one for employers that do not offer a health plan and another for employers that do offer a health plan to some or all employees.

The model notices—OMB No. 1210-0149—are available at HRCalifornia.com.

A special section at HRCalifornia.com compiles links to relevant forms, webinar recordings (free to CalChamber members) and government sources of information on the ACA.

CalChamber webinars provide a look at ACA employer requirements, tax implications, and employee benefits. More information is available at www.calchamber.com/acawebinars. The 90-minute webinars are free to CalChamber members, $99 for non-members.


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