Why Millennials are Difficult to Mentor

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Millennials or Gen Y are more difficult to mentor than employees and peers of the past. Since they’re less motivated by money and more by their individual career experiences, they require a different mentoring style.

Hesperia Chamber‘s insight:

Do you feel challenged when attempting to mentor young employees? Although I am a Gen Xer, I understand the Millennial thought process. My peers often say they feel overwhelmed with the amount of info at their fingertips, but I am early adopter of new technology and love that I can get answers to almost anything in an instant. I believe this access to information creates shorter attention spans and the need to continually move forward whether it’s in a career track, education, or personal development. The next generation has grown up with the technology, and as a result deals with information very differently, and they are fairly agile in their careers moving about when they tire of one scene or get new opportunities.

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