City Updates Sign Ordinance

The City of Hesperia Mayor and Council Members voted on Tuesday night to update the existing sign ordinance.  In 2009, the City Council eased restrictions on signs in an effort to help businesses during the economic downturn.  Since then, the sign ordinance changes have been extended on an annual or semi-annual basis.

At the March 19th meeting, the Council reviewed the existing temporary ordinance again and recognizes that the economy has not improved significantly in the past 3-1/2 year. The Council also recognizes that there have been concerns expressed over violations of the code such as exceeding the maximum limit of signs or the types of signs being used.

As a result of those items of concern regarding signage in the City of Hesperia, the council adopted an updated ordinance that extends the Temporary Business Sign Ordinance, but limits all businesses to one sign.

Council Member Thurston “Smitty” Smith suggests that business owners monitor themselves for compliance with the ordinance to stave off any additional restrictions. Smith also suggests that business owners ensure that they bring the allowed temporary signs indoors at night and replace worn out or tattered signs to maintain compliance with the code.

Read the full City Council Agenda for Tuesday’s meeting.

Read Rene De La Cruz’s report in the Victorville Daily Press on Tuesday’s meeting.

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