Are you waiting for leads to flow in from your website or social networking presence? Think again.

Is your website screaming for visitors to “Contact us for a quote” or “Call for more info?”  If so, you may be feeling a little lonely.  In today’s tech-savvy world, consumers are doing their homework before they buy.  If you want contacts, you have to give content first.

Do you offer FREE advice or information on your website or blog?  If not, you could be losing money.  Establish yourself as an expert with quick tips, essential advice, and useful free information.  In doing so, you build rapport and trust with future customers.  You may not be making a quick buck, but when that customer is ready to spend some cold, hard cash, they will want to spend it with someone they trust and believe is the expert.  Countless sales books, blogs, and other experts agree that people buy with their emotions, and they buy from people the trust.  Have you established yourself as trustworthy or as someone who is only looking to close your next sale?

Check the blog below for stats that clearly show CONTENT beats contact hands down for good leads.

Research: Content Beats Contact for Generating Leads.

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